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Bug 28515: Use en-US for english Torbutton strings

There is no `en` in Mozilla's universe and we need `en-US` for Torbutton
integration into `tor-browser` (see: #25013). Thus, switch our locale
code for english in Torbutton accordingly.

The server-side of this switch got done in #28261 and the workaround for
that, which was symlinking `en` to `en-US`, is not needed anymore.
parent c4f92596
......@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@ echo ---------- create $APP_NAME.xpi ----------
# create the pkg directory if it doesn't exist yet
mkdir -p pkg
cd src
echo zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "chrome/*" -x "*.diff" -x "*.svn/*" -x "chrome/locale/en-US/*"
zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "*.svn/*" -x "*.diff" -x "chrome/locale/en-US/*" #-x "chrome/*"
echo zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "chrome/*" -x "*.diff" -x "*.svn/*"
zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "*.svn/*" -x "*.diff" #-x "chrome/*"
#mv ../$APP_NAME.jar ./chrome
#zip -9m ../pkg/$XPI_NAME chrome/$APP_NAME.jar
cd ..
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ locale torbutton da chrome/locale/da/
locale torbutton de chrome/locale/de/
locale torbutton dz chrome/locale/dz/
locale torbutton el chrome/locale/el/
locale torbutton en chrome/locale/en/
locale torbutton en chrome/locale/en-US/
locale torbutton eo chrome/locale/eo/
locale torbutton es chrome/locale/es/
locale torbutton et chrome/locale/et/
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ FILEMAP=( "aboutDialog.dtd:torbutton-aboutdialogdtd"
# Verify that the FILEMAP contains an entry for each Torbutton file.
for DEST_PATH in $LOCALE_DIR/en/*.dtd $LOCALE_DIR/en/*.properties;
for DEST_PATH in $LOCALE_DIR/en-US/*.dtd $LOCALE_DIR/en-US/*.properties;
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