Commit 6c76c308 authored by Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen
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Changelog update and version bump

parent d48388d2
* Bug 22610: Avoid crashes when canceling external helper app related downloads
* Bug 22472: Fix FTP downloads when external helper app dialog is shown
* Bug 22471: Downloading pdf files via the PDF viewer download button is broken
* Bug 22618: Downloading pdf file via file:/// is stalling
* Bug 22542: Resize slider window to work without scrollbars
* Bug 21999: Fix display of language prompt in non-en-US locales
* Bug 18193: Don't let about:tor have chrome privileges
* Bug 22535: Search on about:tor discards search query
* Bug 21948: Going back to about:tor page gives "Address isn't valid" error
* Code clean-up
* Translations update
* Bug 22542: Security Settings window too small on macOS 10.12
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<em:creator>Mike Perry</em:creator>
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