Commit 6febc86a authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade
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Bug 22542: Security Settings window too small on macOS 10.12

Increase the height of the security slider description area to
avoid a scrollbar on macOS 10.12 (previously, the text associated
with the "High" level required a scrollbar).
parent d3a485c8
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
<caption label="&torbutton.prefs.sec_caption;"/>
<hbox id="torbutton_slider_settings" flex="1" align="stretch" hidden="false">
<hbox height="200">
<hbox height="220">
<scale id="torbutton_sec_slider" flex="1" min="1" max="3"
movetoclick="true" orient="vertical"
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