Commit 78d26b12 authored by Igor Oliveira's avatar Igor Oliveira
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bug 25013: Create symlink to en locale folder following mozilla standard naming

Additionally, remove it when using the makexpi to create a xpi package.
XPI packages are using the chrome.manifest and they support multi lang
parent 9c2adcec
......@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@ echo ---------- create $APP_NAME.xpi ----------
# create the pkg directory if it doesn't exist yet
mkdir -p pkg
cd src
echo zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "chrome/*" -x "*.diff" -x "*.svn/*"
zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "*.svn/*" -x "*.diff" #-x "chrome/*"
echo zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "chrome/*" -x "*.diff" -x "*.svn/*" -x "chrome/locale/en-US/*"
zip -X -9r ../pkg/$XPI_NAME ./ -x "*.svn/*" -x "*.diff" -x "chrome/locale/en-US/*" #-x "chrome/*"
#mv ../$APP_NAME.jar ./chrome
#zip -9m ../pkg/$XPI_NAME chrome/$APP_NAME.jar
cd ..
\ No newline at end of file
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