Commit 87e57187 authored by Arthur Edelstein's avatar Arthur Edelstein
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Bug 23997: Add link to Tor Browser manual for de, nl, tr, vi

parent 7ed85fa7
......@@ -2357,7 +2357,7 @@ function torbutton_update_noscript_button()
// Returns true if we should show the tor browser manual.
function torbutton_show_torbrowser_manual() {
let availableLocales = ["en", "es", "fr", "pt", "zh"];
let availableLocales = ["de", "en", "es", "fr", "nl", "pt", "tr", "vi", "zh"];
let shortLocale = torbutton_get_general_useragent_locale().substring(0, 2);
return availableLocales.indexOf(shortLocale) >= 0;
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