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Bump version to and add Changelog entries.

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* Bug 9387: "Security Slider 1.0"
* Include descriptions and tooltip hints for security levels
* Notify users that the security slider exists
* Flip slider so that "low" is on the bottom
* Make use of new SVG and MathML prefs
* Bug 13766: Set a 10 minute circuit lifespan for non-content requests
* Bug 15460: Ensure FTP urls use content-window circuit isolation
* Bug 13650: Clip initial window height to 1000px
* Bug 14429: Ensure windows can only be resized to 200x100px multiples
* Bug 15334: Display Cookie Protections menu if disk records are enabled
* Bug 14324: Show HS circuit in Tor circuit display
* Bug 15086: Handle RTL text in Tor circuit display
* Bug 15085: Fix about:tor RTL text alignment problems
* Bug 10216: Add a pref to disable the local tor control port test
* Bug 14937: Show meek and flashproxy bridges in tor circuit display
* Bugs 13891+15207: Fix exceptions/errors in circuit display with bridges
* Bug 13019: Change locale hiding pref to boolean
* Bug 7255: Warn users about maximizing windows (off by default)
* Bug 13882: Fix display of bridges after bridge settings have been changed
* Bug 5698: Use "Tor Browser" branding in "About Tor Browser" dialog
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