Commit 9ad95c91 authored by Arthur Edelstein's avatar Arthur Edelstein
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Bug 27959: 2018 Donation banner text ready for translation

parent cd85d9dd
......@@ -26,3 +26,17 @@
<!ENTITY aboutTor.newsletter.tagline "Get the latest news from Tor straight to your inbox.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.newsletter.link_text "Sign up for Tor News.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line1 "Tor: Strength in Numbers">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line2a "Anonymity loves company.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line2b "Advance universal human rights.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line2c "Stand up for freedom.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line2d "Protect the privacy of millions.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line2e "Keep Tor strong.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line2f "We need your support!">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.line3 "Give today, and Mozilla will match your donation.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.buttonA "Donate Now">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.buttonB "Count Me In">
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