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Add changelog for + bump version.

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* Bug 13882: Fix display of bridges after bridge settings have been changed
* Bug 5698: Use "Tor Browser" branding in "About Tor Browser" dialog
* Bug 10280: Strings and pref for preventing plugin initialization.
* Bug 14866: Show correct circuit when more than one exists for a given domain
* Bug 9442: Add New Circuit button to Torbutton menu
* Bug 9906: Warn users before closing all windows and performing new identity.
* Bug 8400: Prompt for restart if disk records are enabled/disabled.
* Bug 14630: Hide Torbutton's proxy settings tab.
* Bug 14632: Disable Cookie Manager until we get it working.
* Bug 11175: Remove "About Torbutton" from onion menu.
* Bug 13900: Remove SafeCache code.
* Bug 14490: Use Disconnect search in about:tor search box
* Bug 14392: Don't steal input focus in about:tor search box
* Bug 11236: Don't set omnibox order in Torbutton (to prevent translation)
* Bug 13406: Stop directing users to download-easy.html.en on update
* Bug 9387: Handle "custom" mode better in Security Slider
* Bug 12430: Bind jar: pref to Security Slider
* Bug 13998: Handle changes in NoScript
* Bug 14100: Option to hide NetworkSettings menuitem
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