Commit b274fac9 authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry
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Bug 5758: Last ditch effort to keep Torbutton diehards safe

parent fef1bcae
......@@ -1960,6 +1960,14 @@ function torbutton_update_status(mode, force_update) {
// #5758: Last ditch effort to keep Vanilla Torbutton users from totally
// being pwnt. This is a pretty darn ugly hack, too. But because of #5863,
// we really don't care about preserving the user's values for this.
if (!m_tb_tbb) {
m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("network.websockets.enabled", false);
m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("dom.indexedDB.enabled", false);
torbutton_set_timezone(mode, false);
// This call also has to be here for 3rd party proxy changers.
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