Commit b299743d authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry
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Bug 3838: More agressively warn users that Torbutton is enabled.

Thanks proper, for keeping us proper.

Also, include some language improvements from nickm.
parent d4fb673f
......@@ -633,10 +633,9 @@ function torbutton_inform_about_tbb() {
var prompts = Cc[";1"]
var flags = prompts.BUTTON_POS_0 * prompts.BUTTON_TITLE_OK;
var strings = torbutton_get_stringbundle();
var message = strings.GetStringFromName("torbutton.popup.prompt_torbrowser");
var title = strings.GetStringFromName("torbutton.title.prompt_torbrowser");
var checkbox = {value: false};
var sb = Components.classes[";1"]
......@@ -645,8 +644,7 @@ function torbutton_inform_about_tbb() {
var askagain = browserstrings.GetStringFromName("privateBrowsingNeverAsk");
var response = prompts.confirmEx(null, "", message, flags, null, null, null,
askagain, checkbox);
var response = prompts.alertCheck(null, title, message, askagain, checkbox);
// Update preferences to reflect their response and to prevent the prompt from
// being displayed again.
......@@ -4056,6 +4054,14 @@ function torbutton_do_startup()
m_tb_prefs.setCharPref('extensions.torbutton.socks_host', '');
if (!m_tb_tbb && m_tb_prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.prompt_torbrowser")) {
var o_stringbundle = torbutton_get_stringbundle();
var warning = o_stringbundle.GetStringFromName("torbutton.popup.short_torbrowser");
var title = o_stringbundle.GetStringFromName("torbutton.title.prompt_torbrowser");
var prompts = Cc[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIPromptService);
prompts.alert(null, title, warning);
m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.startup", false);
......@@ -40,4 +40,6 @@ torbutton.popup.use_tbb = It appears that you are using Torbutton with Firefox,
torbutton.popup.pref_error = Torbutton cannot update preferences in the Tor Browser profile directory.
torbutton.popup.permission_denied = Please either reset the permissions of the Tor Browser directory or copy it to a new location.
torbutton.popup.device_full = The disk appears to be full. Please free up space or move Tor Browser to a new device.
torbutton.popup.prompt_torbrowser = Torbutton is no longer safe to use in a browser that is also used for non-Tor browsing. We have disabled the ability to toggle Torbutton as a result.\n\nIf you wish to keep using Firefox for non-Tor browsing, you should uninstall Torbutton and download Tor Browser. The privacy properties of Tor Browser are also superior to those of normal Firefox, even when Firefox is used with Torbutton.
torbutton.title.prompt_torbrowser = Important Torbutton Information
torbutton.popup.prompt_torbrowser = Torbutton works differently now: you can't turn it off any more.\n\nWe made this change because it isn't safe to use Torbutton in a browser that's also used for non-Tor browsing. There were too many bugs there that we couldn't fix any other way.\n\nIf you want to keep using Firefox normally, you should uninstall Torbutton and download Tor Browser Bundle. The privacy properties of Tor Browser are also superior to those of normal Firefox, even when Firefox is used with Torbutton.\n\nTo remove Torbutton, go to Tools->Addons->Extensions and then click the Remove button next to Torbutton.
torbutton.popup.short_torbrowser = Important Torbutton Information!\n\nTorbutton is now always enabled.\n\nClick on the Torbutton for more information.
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