Commit c05af387 authored by HackerNCoder's avatar HackerNCoder Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 40030: Add 'noscript' capability to NoScript

parent 10ce74fa
......@@ -68,20 +68,20 @@ let log = (level, msg) => logger.log(level, msg);
// ## NoScript settings
// Minimum and maximum capability states as controlled by NoScript.
const max_caps = ["fetch", "font", "frame", "media", "object", "other", "script", "webgl"];
const min_caps = ["frame", "other"];
const max_caps = ["fetch", "font", "frame", "media", "object", "other", "script", "webgl", "noscript"];
const min_caps = ["frame", "other", "noscript"];
// Untrusted capabilities for [Standard, Safer, Safest] safety levels.
const untrusted_caps = [
max_caps, // standard safety: neither http nor https
["frame", "font", "object", "other"], // safer: http
["frame", "font", "object", "other", "noscript"], // safer: http
min_caps, // safest: neither http nor https
// Default capabilities for [Standard, Safer, Safest] safety levels.
const default_caps = [
max_caps, // standard: both http and https
["fetch", "font", "frame", "object", "other", "script"], // safer: https only
["fetch", "font", "frame", "object", "other", "script", "noscript"], // safer: https only
min_caps, // safest: both http and https
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