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Bug 17546: Tooltips for Privacy Settings checkboxes

parent 1db6465b
......@@ -19,20 +19,26 @@
<script type="application/x-javascript" src="preferences.js"/>
<caption label="&torbutton.prefs.priv_caption;"/>
<caption label="&torbutton.prefs.priv_caption;"
<checkbox id="torbutton_blockDisk"
<checkbox id="torbutton_blockPlugins"
<checkbox id="torbutton_restrictThirdParty"
<checkbox id="torbutton_resistFingerprinting"
<spacer flex="1"/>
<caption label="&torbutton.prefs.sec_caption;"/>
<caption label="&torbutton.prefs.sec_caption;"
<vbox height="200">
<scale id="torbutton_sec_slider" flex="1" min="1" max="4"
......@@ -168,7 +174,7 @@
<description class="slider-text-size">
......@@ -25,11 +25,17 @@
<!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.saveAllCookies "Protect New Cookies">
<!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.doNotSaveAllCookies "Do Not Protect New Cookies">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.priv_caption "Privacy Settings">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.priv_caption_tooltip "When checked, the following settings help to keep your identity and browsing history private. We strongly recommend that you keep all privacy boxes checked for normal Tor Browser use.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_disk "Don't record browsing history or website data (enables Private Browsing Mode)">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_disk_tooltip "Keep this box checked to avoid saving sensitive data to disk, including the browser cache, your browsing history, the cookie database, your download history, intermediate TLS certificates, and permissions you have granted to websites.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty "Restrict third party cookies and other tracking data">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty_tooltip "Keep this box checked to prevent various browser features from being abused to track you as you browse the web. Modified features include blob URLs, broadcast channels, the browser cache, cookies, favicons, HTTP Auth headers, link preconnects, localStorage, mediaSource URLs, OCSP requests, SharedWorkers, and TLS session tickets.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_plugins "Disable browser plugins (such as Flash)">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_plugins_tooltip "Keep this box checked to stop all binary plugins from being loaded. Plugins are a serious privacy risk because they can leak your browsing history or otherwise make you easy to track.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting "Change details that distinguish you from other Tor Browser users">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting_tooltip "Keep this box checked to hide things from websites that could be unique about you, including your battery status, computer performance, keyboard layout, locale, the location of installed plugins, the list of installed plugins, your network status, screen orientation, screen size, site-specific zoom levels, supported file types, system colors, and WebGL capabilities.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_caption "Security Level">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_caption_tooltip "The Security Slider lets you disable certain browser features that may make your browser more vulnerable to hacking attempts.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_low "Low (default)">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_low_usable_desc "This provides the most usable experience.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_low_desc "At this security level, all browser features are enabled.">
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