Commit c8f7cd3f authored by Pier Angelo Vendrame's avatar Pier Angelo Vendrame Committed by Richard Pospesel
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Bug 19850: Disable Plaintext HTTP Clearnet Connections

The HTTPS-Only mode of Firefox starts a background connection to verify
whether HTTP is available, if the HTTPS connection does not start
within a timeout.
This commit disables this feature in Safer and Safest modes.
parent a7f60735
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ const kSecuritySettings = {
"svg.disabled" : [, true, false, false, false],
"javascript.options.asmjs" : [, false, false, false, true ],
"javascript.options.wasm" : [, false, false, false, true ],
"" : [, false, false, false, true ],
// The Security Settings prefs in question.
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