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Update changelog for 1.4.6.

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30 May 2012
* Bug 5710: Prevent all sessionstore data saving in TBB
* Bug 5715: Explicitly clear image cache on TBB New Identity
* Bug 4660: Clear search and find boxes on TBB New Identity
* Bug 5729: Make New Identity and New Window a multiple of 200x100px
* Bug 4755: Spoof screen coordinates for DOM MouseEvents
* Bug 4718: Make TBB version check happen on New Window+New Identity
* Bug 5758: Disable WebSockets and IndexedDB for non-TBB users
* Bug 5863: Remove the ability to toggle Torbutton (to prevent leaks)
* Bug 3838: Inform Torbutton users about TBB
* Bug 5092: Sign Torbutton Updates
* Bugs 5673+5732: Change captcha redirect to
* Bug 3845: Bump Firefox user agent to 10.0-ESR
17 Dec 2011
* bug 4722: Fix ability to drag tabs on Windows (due to #4517)
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