Commit d7595079 authored by Richard Pospesel's avatar Richard Pospesel Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 29825: Intelligently add the new Security Level button to the taskbar

Added logic to torbutton to add the Security Level button after the
url bar, and subsequently move Tor Button between. This new method keeps
any UI customizations the user has made. In the event of error, the UI
configuration reverts back to the default as specified in the
browser.uiCustomization.state pref.
parent 743c1432
......@@ -363,34 +363,57 @@ function torbutton_init() {
torbutton_log(1, "registering Tor check observer");
//setting up context menu
//var contextMenu = document.getElementById("contentAreaContextMenu");
//if (contextMenu)
// contextMenu.addEventListener("popupshowing", torbutton_check_contextmenu, false);
// Add torbutton and security level button to the bar.
// Add torbutton and security level buttons to the bar.
// This should maybe be in the startup function, but we want to add
// the button to the panel before it's state (color) is set..
if (!m_tb_prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.inserted_button") ||
!m_tb_prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.inserted_security_level")) {
torbutton_log(3, 'Adding button');
let insertedButton = m_tb_prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.inserted_button");
let insertedSecurityLevel = m_tb_prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.inserted_security_level");
if (!insertedButton || !insertedSecurityLevel) {
try {
// ESR31-style toolbar is handled by the existing compiled-in pref.
// We also need to prevent first-run toolbar reorg (#13378), so we
// reset this toolbar state on first-run.
try {
// get serialized toolbar state
let uiCustomizationStateJSON = m_tb_prefs.getStringPref("browser.uiCustomization.state");
let uiCustomizationState = JSON.parse(uiCustomizationStateJSON);
let placeButtonAfterUrlbar = function(navBar, buttonId) {
torbutton_log(3, 'placing ' + buttonId);
// try and remove button if it's present
let buttonIndex = navBar.indexOf(buttonId);
if (buttonIndex != -1) {
navBar.splice(buttonIndex, 1);
// if urlbar isn't present (which *shouldn't* be possible),
// inserts button at the beginning of the toolbar (since urlbarIndex will be -1)
let urlbarIndex = navBar.indexOf("urlbar-container");
buttonIndex = urlbarIndex + 1;
navBar.splice(buttonIndex, 0, buttonId);
// array of navbar elements
let navBar = uiCustomizationState["placements"]["nav-bar"];
placeButtonAfterUrlbar(navBar, "security-level-button");
placeButtonAfterUrlbar(navBar, "torbutton-button");
// serialize back into pref
uiCustomizationStateJSON = JSON.stringify(uiCustomizationState, null, 0);
m_tb_prefs.setStringPref("browser.uiCustomization.state", uiCustomizationStateJSON);
} catch(e) {
torbutton_log(4, 'error updating toolbar, reverting to default : ' + e);
// reverts the serialized toolbar state to default set in Tor Browser
} catch(e) {}
// reverts toolbar state to firefox defaults
// 'restores' toolbar state from serialized state in "browser.uiCustomization.state"
torbutton_log(3, 'Button added');
torbutton_log(3, 'toolbar updated');
m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.inserted_button", true);
m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.inserted_security_level", true);
} catch(e) {
torbutton_log(4, 'Failed to add Torbutton to toolbar: '+e);
torbutton_log(4, 'failed to update the toolbar : ' + e);
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