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CHANGELOG update, translation update, version bump
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* Bug 16990: Don't mishandle multiline commands
* Bug 18144: about:tor update arrow position is wrong
* Bug 16725: Allow resizing with non-default homepage
* Bug 16017: Allow users to more easily set a non-tor SSH proxy
* Translation updates
* Bug 16990: Show circuit display for connections using multi-party channels
* Bug 18019: Avoid empty prompt shown after non-en-US update
......@@ -3,4 +3,4 @@
<!ENTITY aboutTBUpdate.linkPrefix "للحصول على أحدث المعلومات حول هذا الإصدار.">
<!ENTITY aboutTBUpdate.linkLabel "زُر موقعنا">
<!ENTITY aboutTBUpdate.linkSuffix ".">
<!ENTITY aboutTBUpdate.changeLogHeading "Changelog:">
<!ENTITY aboutTBUpdate.changeLogHeading "تغير سجل:">
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_some_jit_desc "بعض محسنات نصوص الجافا معطلة">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_jit_desc_tooltip "ION JIT, Type Inference, ASM.JS.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_baseline_jit_desc_tooltip "Baseline JIT.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_jit_slower_desc "Scripts on some sites may run slower.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_jit_slower_desc "سكربت في بعض المواقع قد تعمل بشكل بطيئ">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_jar_desc "Remote JAR files are blocked.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_jar_tooltip "JAR files are extremely rare on the web, but can be a source of XSS and other attacks.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_mathml_desc "Some mechanisms of displaying math equations are disabled.">
......@@ -170,13 +170,13 @@
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_all_jit_desc "All JavaScript performance optimizations are disabled.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_font_rend_desc "بعض ميزات إظهار الخطوط معطلة ">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_font_rend_graphite_tooltip "The Graphite font rendering mechanism is disabled.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_svg_desc "Some types of images are disabled.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_svg_desc "بعض الانواع من الصور معطله">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_svg_desc_tooltip "SVG images are disabled.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_js_https_desc "JavaScript is disabled by default on all non-HTTPS sites.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_js_desc_tooltip "JavaScript can be enabled on a per-site basis via the NoScript toolbar button.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_high "عالٍ">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_all_js_desc "JavaScript is disabled by default on all sites.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_audio_video_desc "Most audio and video formats are disabled.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_audio_video_desc "معضم صيغ السمعيات والمرئيات معطلة">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_audio_video_desc_tooltip "WebM is the only codec that remains enabled.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_webfonts_desc "من الممكن أن بعض الخطوط والايقونات معروضة خطأ">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_webfonts_desc_tooltip "Website-provided font files are blocked.">
......@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@ torbutton.button.tooltip.disabled = فعّل تور
torbutton.button.tooltip.enabled = عطّل تور
torbutton.circuit_display.internet = انترنت
torbutton.circuit_display.ip_unknown = IP غير معروف
torbutton.circuit_display.onion_site = Onion site
torbutton.circuit_display.onion_site = موقع اونيون
torbutton.circuit_display.this_browser = هذا المتصفح
torbutton.circuit_display.relay = relay
torbutton.circuit_display.relay = مُرحل
torbutton.circuit_display.tor_bridge = جسر
torbutton.circuit_display.unknown_country = بلد غير معروف
torbutton.content_sizer.margin_tooltip = Tor Browser adds this margin to make the width and height of your window less distinctive, and thus reduces the ability of people to track you online.
torbutton.content_sizer.margin_tooltip = يضيف متصفح تور هذا الهامش لابقاء نافذتك غير مميزه، لتقليل امكانيه تقفيك عبر الانترنت.
torbutton.panel.tooltip.disabled = انقر لتفعيل تور
torbutton.panel.tooltip.enabled = انقر لتعطيل تور
torbutton.panel.plugins.disabled = انقر لتفعيل الملحقات
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ torbutton.popup.confirm_newnym = متصفح تور
torbutton.slider_notification = The green onion menu now has a security slider which lets you adjust your security level. Check it out!
torbutton.slider_notification_button = Open security settings
torbutton.maximize_warning = Maximizing Tor Browser can allow websites to determine your monitor size, which can be used to track you. We recommend that you leave Tor Browser windows in their original default size.
torbutton.maximize_warning = تكبير متصفح تور قد يسمح لبعض المواقع بالتعرف على حجم شاشتك، واستخدام هذه المعلومات لتقفيك. نوصي بابقاء نافذه متصف تور على حجمها الافتراضي.
# Canvas permission prompt. Strings are kept here for ease of translation.
canvas.siteprompt=هذا الموقع (٪ S) حاول استخراج بيانات الصورة HTML5، والتي يمكن استخدامها لتحديد مكانك وتحديد الكومبيوتر.\n\nهل تريد أن يسمح متصفح Tor لهذا الموقع لاستخراج بيانات الصورة ؟
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ canvas.neverAccessKey=ط
# Profile/startup error messages. Strings are kept here for ease of translation.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S is the application name.
profileProblemTitle=%S Profile Problem
profileProblemTitle=%Sمشكله في ملف شخصي
profileReadOnly=You cannot run %S from a read-only file system. Please copy %S to another location before trying to use it.
profileReadOnlyMac=You cannot run %S from a read-only file system. Please copy %S to your Desktop or Applications folder before trying to use it.
profileAccessDenied=%S does not have permission to access the profile. Please adjust your file system permissions and try again.
......@@ -6,14 +6,14 @@
<!ENTITY aboutTor.title "Tori buruz">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDateTorOn.label "WARNING: this browser is out of date.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDateTorOn.label "KONUTZ: nabigatzaile hau zaharkituta dago.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDateTorOff.label "BAITA, nabigatzaile hau zaharkituta dago.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDate2.label "Tipulan sakatu eta ondoren Tor Browser Bundlea egiaztatu hautatu">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.check.label "Tor sare ezarpenak frogatu">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.success.label "Welcome to Tor Browser">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.success2.label "Connected to the Tor network.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.success.label "Ongi etorri Tor Browserera">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.success2.label "Tor sarera konektatuta.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.success3.label "Aske zara orain Internet anonimotasunez nabigatzeko.">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.failure.label "Zerbait gaizki joan da!">
<!ENTITY aboutTor.failure2.label "Tor ez da nabigatzaile honetan funtzionatzen ari.">
......@@ -180,6 +180,6 @@
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_audio_video_desc_tooltip "WebM è l'unico codec che rimane abilitato.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_webfonts_desc "Alcuni caratteri e icone possono non essere visualizzati correttamente.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_webfonts_desc_tooltip "I font provvisti dal sito sono bloccati.">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_custom "Valori Customizzabili">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_custom "Valori personalizzati">
<!ENTITY torbutton.circuit_display.title "Circuito Tor per questo sito">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.title "Torbutton voorkeuren">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.title "Torbutton Voorkeuren">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.tor_settings "Proxy-instellingen">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.recommended_settings "De aanbevolen proxy-instellingen voor mijn versie van Firefox gebruiken">
<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.use_privoxy "Privoxy gebruiken">
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
<em:creator>Mike Perry</em:creator>
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