Commit e2cce934 authored by Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen
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Bug 13751: Get rid of remaining SafeCache parts.

Additionally to getting rid of remaining SageCache parts we bump the
Torbutton version to and adapt the CHANGELOG.
parent 952518c2
* Bug 13751: Get rid of remaining SafeCache parts
* Bug 13746: Properly link Torbutton UI to thirdparty pref.
* Bug 13742: Remove SafeCache code (in favor of C++ implementation)
......@@ -2689,9 +2689,6 @@ function torbutton_do_main_window_startup()
// Bug 1506: This is probably the most important observer in this function
// XXX: We should fold this into our code/move it to its own component
// Bug 1506 P4: Most of this function is now useless, save
......@@ -2957,9 +2954,6 @@ function torbutton_close_window(event) {
// XXX: We should fold this into our code..
if(m_tb_is_main_window) { // main window not reset above
// This happens on Mac OS because they allow firefox
// to still persist without a navigator window
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
<em:creator>Mike Perry</em:creator>
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