Commit fddbe371 authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade
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Bug 19757: Support on-disk storage of v3 client auth keys

Add strings for "Remember this key" checkbox and the new
"Onion Services Authentication" preferences section.
parent 9dbc7d20
......@@ -50,3 +50,4 @@
<!-- Onion services strings. Strings are kept here for ease of translation. -->
<!ENTITY torbutton.onionServices.authPrompt.tooltip "Open onion service client authentication prompt">
<!ENTITY torbutton.onionServices.authPrompt.persistCheckboxLabel "Remember this key">
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ pageInfo_OnionEncryption=Connection Encrypted (Onion Service)
# Onion services strings. Strings are kept here for ease of translation.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the .onion address.
onionServices.learnMore=Learn more
onionServices.clientAuthMissing=Tor onion service missing client authorization
onionServices.authPrompt.description=%S is requesting your private key.
onionServices.authPrompt.keyPlaceholder=Enter your private key for this onion service
......@@ -68,3 +69,14 @@ onionServices.authPrompt.done=Done
onionServices.authPrompt.invalidKey=Please enter a valid key (52 base32 characters or 44 base64 characters)
onionServices.authPrompt.failedToSetKey=Unable to configure Tor with your key
onionServices.authPreferences.header=Onion Services Authentication
onionServices.authPreferences.overview=Some onion services require that you identify yourself with a key (a kind of password) before you can access them.
onionServices.authPreferences.savedKeys=Saved Keys…
onionServices.authPreferences.dialogTitle=Onion Service Keys
onionServices.authPreferences.dialogIntro=Keys for the following onionsites are stored on your computer
onionServices.authPreferences.removeAll=Remove All
onionServices.authPreferences.failedToGetKeys=Unable to retrieve keys from tor
onionServices.authPreferences.failedToRemoveKey=Unable to remove key
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