Commit fecc621d authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 15927: Force update of the NoScript UI

parent fc05d63a
......@@ -2378,6 +2378,22 @@ function torbutton_update_security_slider() {
/* Update the NoScript button to reflect any changes */
try {
let wm = Components.classes[";1"]
let browserEnumerator = wm.getEnumerator("navigator:browser");
// Update every window's NoScript status...
while (browserEnumerator.hasMoreElements()) {
let win = browserEnumerator.getNext();
torbutton_log(3, 'Updated NoScript status for security slider');
} catch(e) {
torbutton_log(4, 'Failed to update NoScript status for security slider: '+e);
torbutton_log(3, 'Security Slider Pref Update Complete');
m_tb_sliderUpdate = false;
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