1. 03 Feb, 2014 6 commits
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug #10640: Fix about:tor's pointer position for RTL languages. · 1ba3e044
      Kathleen Brade authored
      We now position the arrow so it points to the toolbar button regardless
      of its position.
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bug 10095: Make inner window a multiple of 200x100 · d5822f67
      Georg Koppen authored
      In order to be sure that no other extension is resizing the inner window
      due to merging its overlay into the chrome we resize the window (again)
      via a mutation observer and a setTimeout(0) call. The mutation observer
      helps us as DevTools code is modifying the DOM during start-up.
      This approach minimizes the possible usability issues as well as the
      window just gets larger by some pixels while being visible (if it gets
      larger at all, i.e. if proper resizing did not succeed before the window
      got visible). Provided it gets visible in the first place before the
      final resizing gets applied.
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bug 10285: Clear permissions on New Identity · 2418d869
      Georg Koppen authored
      We should clear permissions on New Identity as e.g. the web notification
      permission would be able to link the old and the new session otherwise.
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bug 9738: Fix for auto-maximizing on browser start · b1d6dbb2
      Georg Koppen authored
      On some OS/desktop combinations there is a auto-maximize feature that
      breaks our efforts to resize the inner window to a multiple of 200x100
      on start-up. We fix that by listening to the sizemodechange event and
      resizing the window again in case it got indeed maximized.
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      Bug #10682: Workaround to really disable updates for Torbutton. · 19f7e227
      Mike Perry authored
      Without an update URL specified, Firefox will still ping addons.mozilla.org
      for an update. If someone manages to register a fake Torbutton at our UID, it
      could get pushed out to users.
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      Bug #10419: Don't allow connections to localhost. · 3d84b2ad
      Mike Perry authored
      Also sync up the banned ports list with TBB.
      These settings shouldn't get applied in TBB normally. This is just defensive,
      in case someone somehow manages to toggle Tor state still.
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