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# Tor Hackweek Project: Prototype Rust+Arti-based HTTP frontend cache for directory authorities
Summary: Directory authorities are under a lot of unnecessary load from excessive download requests. We have other projects in mind to reduce those requests, but one workaround is to add a frontend cache in front of one or more of the authorities' HTTP ports. With this project we'll write a Rust server use Arti's download and validation code to fetch directory information from an authority, and expose that information via a set of HTTP requests. With luck, our code will be reuseable in the future when relays or authorities are rewritten in Rust.
Goal: A proof-of-concept that can handle some HTTP requests, and relays the ones it can't understand to an authority. Ideally, more!
Skills Needed: Rust hacking experience helpful.
# Team:
* nickm (UTC-5)
# Breakdown for minimal version:
* tor-dirmgr crate: add support for retrieving text of particular documents
* new tor-dirservice crate:
- Add a set of responders that can handle http requests. These should be made to plug in to Hyper (a rust webserver).
- Teach these responders to understand tor's http requests.
- Teach them to answer requests for what we have by getting the answer from the tor-dirmgr crate.
- Have a fallback responder that forwards anything else to a configured HTTP address:port.
* Have an entry point (new crate) that launches the above as a webserver.
# Additional work to be more useful as a download cache:
* Teach tor-netdoc to handle votes
* Teach tor-netdoc to handle networkstatus consensus docs
* Teach tor-dirclient to handle more kinds of directory document (votes, ns consensuses, routerdescs, extrainfos)
* Teach tor-dirclient to be able to make unencrypted HTTP requests
* Teach tor-dirmgr how to download and store more kinds of directory documents
* Implement code to generate consensus diffs
* Teach tor-dirmgr (or similar) how to keep a good set of consensus diffs
* Teach tor-dirmgr (or similar) how to pre-compress large documents
# Additional work to be more useful as an upload frontend:
* New crate: support for storing and cross-validating incoming descriptors and extrainfos. Don't do this with the tor-dirmgr crate: use a separate implementation.
* Support for basic relay reachability testing on incoming descriptors
* Support for exclude lists and keypinning
* Support for uploading a validated descriptor to an authority
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