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This repository is being used to document and coordinate current hackweek at Tor. Old hackweek's documentation will be archived in 'archived' folder in the same repository.
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**Table of Contents**
- [Tor's Hackweek](#tors-hackweek)
- [First online Hackweek: March 29th to April 2nd - 2021](#first-online-hackweek-march-29th-to-april-2nd---2021)
- [LOUNGE space](#lounge-space)
- [Monday Opening Session: 15 UTC](#monday-opening-session-15-utc)
- [Friday DEMO Day: 15UTC on the Lounge room](#friday-demo-day-15utc-on-the-lounge-room)
- [PROJECTS/GROUPS](#projectsgroups)
- [1 Prometheus alerts for anti-censorship metrics](#1-prometheus-alerts-for-anti-censorship-metrics)
- [2 Prototype network-namespace-based torsocks](#2-prototype-network-namespace-based-torsocks)
- [3 Add support for UDP sockets over onion services, possibly with enabling support for WebRTC in Tor Browser](#3-add-support-for-udp-sockets-over-onion-services-possibly-with-enabling-support-for-webrtc-in-tor-browser)
- [4 Visualize Tor metrics's data in ways that it can be useful for community](#4-visualize-tor-metricss-data-in-ways-that-it-can-be-useful-for-community)
- [5 Prototype Rust+Arti-based HTTP frontend cache for directory authorities](#5-prototype-rustarti-based-http-frontend-cache-for-directory-authorities)
- [6 Onionshare download accelerator](#6-onionshare-download-accelerator)
- [7 Vanguards doc updates, bugfixes, packages for onionshare and/or Tor Browser](#7-vanguards-doc-updates-bugfixes-packages-for-onionshare-andor-tor-browser)
- [8 Circuit Padding Simulator](#8-circuit-padding-simulator)
- [9 Onion service v3 support for arti](#9-onion-service-v3-support-for-arti)
- [10 Network Health tooling using Rust and arti](#10-network-health-tooling-using-rust-and-arti)
- [How to add a new project](#how-to-add-a-new-project)
- [How to add yourself to a team](#how-to-add-yourself-to-a-team)
- [Questions?](#questions)
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## First online Hackweek: March 29th to April 2nd - 2021
* **When**: Monday March 29th to Friday April 2nd - starts each day at 1500UTC.
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- Skills: Love, Passion and Legos
- Summary: Network health has a series of tools in order to query the consensus, search for patterns and correlate relays. This project is to rewrite some of them into one unified tool written in Rust and using arti for any Tor related interactions such as looking up the consensus or creating circuits for testing connectivity.
## How to add a new project
# How to add a new project
There are several ways you can propose a project:
- create a merge request against this repository
- add a new project in [the public pad with projects](http://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-hackweek-2021-March-keep). Somebody will add them to the repo later.
## How to add yourself to a team
# How to add yourself to a team
Each project has a pad linked. Write your name under "Team"'s section.
## Questions?
# Questions?
Add any question you may have to the pad or send a mail to gaba at torproject dot org.
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