Commit 64257a10 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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tor-proto: Allow one meta-cell handler at a time.

Previously the code would let us try to install a meta-cell handler
before the old one was done, leading to possible confusion.
parent 7921a88f
......@@ -319,15 +319,6 @@ where
fn finish(&mut self, msg: RelayMsg, reactor: &mut Reactor) -> Result<()> {
// XXXX If two EXTEND cells are of these are launched on the
// same circuit at once, could they collide in this part of
// the function? I don't _think_ so, but it might be a good idea
// to have an "extending" bit that keeps two tasks from entering
// extend_impl at the same time.
// Also we could enforce that `hop` is still what we expect it
// to be at this point.
// Did we get the right response?
if msg.cmd() != RelayCmd::EXTENDED2 {
return Err(Error::CircProto(format!(
......@@ -965,6 +956,23 @@ impl Reactor {
self.send_msg_direct(cx, msg)
/// Try to install a given meta-cell handler to receive any unusual cells on
/// this circuit, along with a result channel to notify on completion.
fn set_meta_handler(
&mut self,
handler: Box<dyn MetaCellHandler>,
done: ReactorResultChannel<()>,
) -> Result<()> {
if self.meta_handler.is_none() {
self.meta_handler = Some((handler, done));
} else {
"Tried to install a meta-cell handler before the old one was gone.".into(),
/// Handle a CtrlMsg other than Shutdown.
fn handle_control(&mut self, cx: &mut Context<'_>, msg: CtrlMsg) -> Result<()> {
trace!("{}: reactor received {:?}", self.unique_id, msg);
......@@ -990,7 +998,7 @@ impl Reactor {
) {
Ok(e) => {
self.meta_handler = Some((Box::new(e), done));
self.set_meta_handler(Box::new(e), done)?;
Err(e) => {
let _ = done.send(Err(e));
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