Commit 0767932c authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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Restore test for bridge presence in networkstatus.

Without this check, bridges+hs-v23 seems to be failing.  If this
works with all our supported versions, I'll figure out what to do
with the mentioned issues (chutney#33851 and tor#33852, and also see
parent e81fb54b
......@@ -1415,13 +1415,9 @@ class LocalNodeController(NodeController):
# bridge descs are stored with relay descs
paths = { 'desc': desc,
'desc_new': desc_new }
# Temporarily disabled due to bug #33582. We will reactivate these
# checks in #33581. There's a race condition between bridges
# bootstrapping, and trying to publish their descriptors too early
if to_bridge_auth:
paths = None
# br_status = Path(datadir, "networkstatus-bridges")
# paths['br_status'] = br_status
br_status = Path(datadir, "networkstatus-bridges")
paths['br_status'] = br_status
# We're looking for bridges, but other nodes don't use bridges
paths = None
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