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Document some issues around arti config.

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......@@ -791,9 +791,17 @@ class LocalNodeBuilder(NodeBuilder):
self._env['fingerprint_ed25519'] = ""
def _getAltAuthLines(self, hasbridgeauth=False):
"""Return a combination of AlternateDirAuthority,
and AlternateBridgeAuthority lines for
this Node, appropriately. Non-authorities return ""."""
"""Return a set of lines to configure other nodes to use this Node as
an authority. For C tor, this is a combination of
AternateDirAuthority and AlternateBridgeAuthority. For Arti,
this is a pair of lines to use this node as an authority and
as a fallback. (Arti does not automatically use authorities
as fallbacks.)
The answers are returned as: (tor-auth, (arti-auth, arti-fallback))
If this node not an authority, the returned strings are empty.
if not self._env['authority']:
return ("",("", ""))
......@@ -2357,6 +2365,9 @@ cache_dir = "{path}/arti/cache"
state_dir = "{path}/arti/state"
# These values disable enforce_distance entirely; we can replace them
# with something like Tor's "EnforceDistinceSubnets 0" if Arti ever
# implements it.
enforce_distance = {{ "subnets_family_v4" = 33, "subnets_family_v6" = 129 }}
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