Commit d0f15258 authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet 🤘 Committed by Nick Mathewson
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getTests() must not return the file extension

Before this fix, "" was listed as the chutney tests and failed
to match against the "verify" command passed to chutney.

    (Edited by Nick, to use pathlib instead of os.path)
parent f05a15fa
...@@ -2651,7 +2651,7 @@ def getTests(): ...@@ -2651,7 +2651,7 @@ def getTests():
chutney_path = get_absolute_chutney_path() chutney_path = get_absolute_chutney_path()
chutney_tests_path = chutney_path / "scripts" / "chutney_tests" chutney_tests_path = chutney_path / "scripts" / "chutney_tests"
return [ for test in chutney_tests_path.glob("*.py") return [test.stem for test in chutney_tests_path.glob("*.py")
if not"_")] if not"_")]
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