Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Doing
    Issues that people are working on right now
    The Tor Project
  • Next
    Issues for next sprint related to a project or team.
    The Tor Project
  • Metrics
    Any issue outside the metrics group that needs work from the metrics team.
    The Tor Project
  • Network health
    Any issue (outside Network Health group) that needs work from the network health team
    The Tor Project
  • Anti-Censorship
    Any issue, outside the anti-censorship group, that needs work from the anti-censorship team.
    The Tor Project
  • Stale
    Waiting for too long for more information or significant progress.
    The Tor Project
  • Guardian Project
    Issues that will help Guardian Project on the work they are doing.
    The Tor Project
  • Backlog
    This issue is in the roadmap for next quarter of one of the teams.
    The Tor Project
  • Close in favor of Arti
    This issue will be revisit when we work on Arti. It will not be implemented in C tor.
    The Tor Project / Core
  • PETS
    Any work related to Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium. It is a space attended by several Tor members.
    The Tor Project
  • GSoC
    Google Summer of Code's projects
    The Tor Project
  • RFC
    The Tor Project
  • Onion Services
    Any ticket related to onion services at the Tor Project or anywhere.
    The Tor Project