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misc tiny fixes

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Changes in version - 2018-03-29
Tor includes various bugfixes for issues found during
the alpha testing of earlier releases in its series. We are
approaching a stable release: more testing is welcome!
approaching a stable 0.3.3 release: more testing is welcome!
o New system requirements:
- When built with Rust, Tor now depends on version 0.2.39 of the
......@@ -3905,7 +3905,7 @@ Changes in version - 2017-06-08
o Major bugfixes (hidden service v3, backport from
- Stop rejecting v3 hidden service descriptors because their size
did not match an old padding rule. Fixes bug 22447; bugfix on
o Minor features (fallback directory list, backport from
- Replace the 177 fallbacks originally introduced in Tor in
......@@ -2945,7 +2945,7 @@ channel_flush_from_first_active_circuit, (channel_t *chan, int max))
/** Add <b>cell</b> to the queue of <b>circ</b> writing to <b>chan</b>
* transmitting in <b>direction</b>.
* The given <b>cell</b> is copied over the circuit queue so the caller must
* The given <b>cell</b> is copied onto the circuit queue so the caller must
* cleanup the memory.
* This function is part of the fast path. */
......@@ -1237,7 +1237,7 @@ test_build_update_descriptors(void *arg)
node->is_running = node->is_valid = node->is_fast = node->is_stable = 1;
/* We have to set thise, or the lack of microdescriptors for these
/* We have to set this, or the lack of microdescriptors for these
* nodes will make them unusable. */
get_options_mutable()->UseMicrodescriptors = 0;
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