Commit 11cf4d9c authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🐦
Browse files On --dump-config failure, --verify-config

parent 7e9ee3a5
......@@ -145,11 +145,18 @@ for dir in "${EXAMPLEDIR}"/*; do
echo "OK"
echo "FAIL"
if test "$(wc -c < "${DATA_DIR}/output.${testname}")" = 0; then
# There was no output -- probably we failed.
"${TOR_BINARY}" -f "./torrc" \
--defaults-torrc "${DEFAULTS}" \
--verify-config \
${CMDLINE} || true
diff -u "./expected" "${DATA_DIR}/output.${testname}"
exit 1
elif test -f "./error"; then
elif test -f "./error"; then
# This case should fail: run verify-config and see if it does.
"${TOR_BINARY}" --verify-config \
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