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o Minor bugfixes (hibernation, bandwidth accounting, shutdown):
- When hibernating, do not attempt to launch DNS checks. Fixes a
case of bug 12062; bugfix on
- Resolve several bugs related to descriptor fetching on bridge
clients with bandwidth accounting enabled. (This combination is
not recommended!) Fixes a case of bug 12062; bugfix on
- When hibernating, do not try to upload or download
descriptors. Fixes a case of bug 12062; bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
- Do not attempt to launch self-reachability tests when entering
hibernation. Fixes a base of bug 12062; bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
o Major features (Onion Services):
- Provide torrc options to pin the second and third hops of onion service
circuits to a list of nodes. The option HSLayer2Guards pins the second hop,
and the option HSLayer3Guards pins the third hop. Closes ticket 13837.
o Minor features (fallback directory mirrors):
- Reject any fallback directory mirror that serves an expired consensus.
Implements ticket 20942, patch by "minik".
o Minor bugfixes (OSX):
- Don't exit the Tor process if setrlimit() fails to change the file
limit (which can happen sometimes on some versions of OSX). Fixes
bug 21074; bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
o Minor bugfixes (linux seccomp2 sandbox):
- When running with the sandbox enabled, reload configuration files
correctly even when %include was used. Previously we
would crash. Fixes bug 22605; bugfix on 0.3.1.
Patch from Daniel Pinto.
o Minor features (windows, performance):
- Improve performance on Windows Vista and Windows 7 by adjusting TCP send
window size according to the recommendation from
SIO_IDEAL_SEND_BACKLOG_QUERY. Closes ticket 22798. Patch from Vort.
o Documentation:
- Add documentation on how to build tor with Rust dependencies without
requiring being online. Closes ticket 22907; bugfix on tor-
o Minor bugfixes (Performance):
- Use hidden service circuits (and other circuits longer than 3 hops)
to calculate a circuit build timeout. Previously, Tor only calculated
its build timeout based on circuits that planned to be exactly 3 hops
long. With this change, we include measurements from all circuits at
the point where they complete their third hop. Fixes bug 23100;
bugfix on
o Minor features (Performance):
- Support predictive circuit building for onion service circuits with
multiple layers of guards. Closes ticket 23101.
o Minor bugfixes (Performance):
- Consider circuits for timeout as soon as they complete a hop. This
is more accurate than applying the timeout in circuit_expire_building()
because that function is only called once per second, which is now
too slow for typical timeouts on the current network. Fixes bug 23114;
bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (hibernation):
- When hibernating, close connections normally and allow them to flush.
Fixes bug 23571; bugfix on Also fixes bug 7267.
o Major features (IPv6, directory documents):
- Add consensus method 27, which adds IPv6 ORPorts to the microdesc
consensus. This makes it easier for IPv6 clients to bootstrap and
choose reachable entry guards.
Implements 23826.
- Add consensus method 28, which removes IPv6 ORPorts from
microdescriptors. Now that there are IPv6 ORPorts in the microdesc
consensus, they are redundant in microdescs. This change is compatible
with tor clients on 0.2.8.x and later. (0.2.8.x introduced client IPv6
bootstrap and guard support.)
Implements 23828.
- Expand the documentation for AuthDirHasIPv6Connectivity when it is set
by different numbers of authorities.
Fixes 23870 on
o Minor feature (IPv6):
- When a consensus has IPv6 ORPorts, make IPv6-only clients use them,
rather than waiting to download microdescriptors.
Implements 23827.
- Make IPv6-only clients wait for microdescs for relays, even if we were
previously using descriptors (or were using them as a bridge) and have
a cached descriptor for them.
Implements 23827.
o Minor features (embedding):
- On most errors that would cause Tor to exit, it now tries to return
from the tor_main() function, rather than calling the system exit()
function. Most users won't notice a difference here, but it should
make a significant difference on platforms that try to run Tor inside
a separate thread: they should now be able to survive Tor's exit
conditions rather than having Tor shut down the entire process.
Closes ticket 23848.
o Minor features (performance):
- Use stdatomic.h where available, rather than mutexes, to implement
atomic_counter_t. Closes ticket 23953.
o Code simplification and refactoring:
- Rewrite channel_rsa_id_group_set_badness to reduce temporary memory
allocations with large numbers of OR connections (e.g. relays). Closes
ticket 24119.
o Minor bugfixes (Private Networks):
- Give out Exit flags in bootstrapping networks. Fixes bug 24137;
bugfix on
o Documentation:
- Clarify the behavior of RelayBandwidth{Rate,Burst} with client traffic.
Closes ticket 24318.
o Minor features (defensive programming):
- Most of the functions in Tor that free objects have been replaced
with macros that free the objects and set the corresponding pointers
to NULL. This change should help prevent a large class of dangling
pointer bugs. Closes ticket 24337.
- Where possible, the tor_free() macro now only evaluates its input once.
Part of ticket 24337.
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