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Commit 4154158d authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🐭

Make config/parse_tcp_proxy_line work in the presence of DNS hijacking

We can use our existing mocking functionality to do this: We have
been in this position before.

Fixes part of #40179; bugfix on
parent 4876409c
o Minor bugfixes (testing):
- Fix the config/parse_tcp_proxy_line test so that it works correctly on
systems where the DNS provider hijacks invalid queries.
Fixes part of bug 40179; bugfix on
......@@ -703,11 +703,13 @@ test_config_parse_tcp_proxy_line(void *arg)
/* Bad TCPProxy line - unparsable address/port. */
ret = parse_tcp_proxy_line("haproxy", options, &msg);
MOCK(tor_addr_lookup, mock_tor_addr_lookup__fail_on_bad_addrs);
ret = parse_tcp_proxy_line("haproxy bogus_address!/300", options, &msg);
tt_int_op(ret, OP_EQ, -1);
tt_str_op(msg, OP_EQ, "TCPProxy address/port failed to parse or resolve. "
"Please fix.");
/* Good TCPProxy line - ipv4. */
ret = parse_tcp_proxy_line("haproxy", options, &msg);
......@@ -720,7 +722,7 @@ test_config_parse_tcp_proxy_line(void *arg)
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