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Commit 496fe685 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🔬

Include v3 in documented 'protocols' in rend_service_descriptor_t

Also make it unsigned and document that it's for INTRODUCE cell versions.

Fixes 9099; bugfix on, which introduced the v3 protocol.
parent ab225aaf
o Minor bugfixes:
- Fix a comment about the rend_server_descriptor_t.protocols field
to more accurately describe its range. Also, make that
field unsigned, to more accurately reflect its usage.
Fixes bug 9099; bugfix on
......@@ -4838,9 +4838,9 @@ typedef struct rend_service_descriptor_t {
crypto_pk_t *pk; /**< This service's public key. */
int version; /**< Version of the descriptor format: 0 or 2. */
time_t timestamp; /**< Time when the descriptor was generated. */
/** Bitmask: which rendezvous protocols are supported?
* (We allow bits '0', '1', and '2' to be set.) */
/** Bitmask: which introduce/rendezvous protocols are supported?
* (We allow bits '0', '1', '2' and '3' to be set.) */
/** List of the service's introduction points. Elements are removed if
* introduction attempts fail. */
smartlist_t *intro_nodes;
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