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Commit 5248d08e authored by Guinness's avatar Guinness Committed by Nick Mathewson

Consider 301 as an error like 404

Tor does not follow redirects when bootstraping so we encountered an

Fixes #40053
parent bb249a22
o Minor features (logging):
- Consider 301 as an error like a 404 when processing the response to a
request for a group of server descriptors or an extrainfo documents.
Closes ticket 40053.
......@@ -2505,9 +2505,12 @@ handle_response_fetch_desc(dir_connection_t *conn,
if (status_code != 200) {
int dir_okay = status_code == 404 ||
(status_code == 400 && !strcmp(reason, "Servers unavailable."));
(status_code == 400 && !strcmp(reason, "Servers unavailable.")) ||
status_code == 301;
/* 404 means that it didn't have them; no big deal.
* Older (pre- servers said 400 Servers unavailable instead. */
* Older (pre- servers said 400 Servers unavailable instead.
* 301 is considered as an error since Tor does not follow redirects,
* which means we failed to reach the server we wanted. */
log_fn(dir_okay ? LOG_INFO : LOG_WARN, LD_DIR,
"Received http status code %d (%s) from server %s "
"while fetching \"/tor/server/%s\". I'll try again soon.",
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