Commit 62b98716 authored by Alexander Færøy's avatar Alexander Færøy 🍍
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Fix CI build: practracker error in connection_edge.c.

We solve this error by allowing the connection_exit_connect() function
to be 130 lines long.

Unreviewed build fix commit.

See: tor#40275.
parent af9107af
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......@@ -130,6 +130,7 @@ problem function-size /src/core/or/command.c:command_process_create_cell() 156
problem function-size /src/core/or/command.c:command_process_relay_cell() 132
problem dependency-violation /src/core/or/command.c 9
problem file-size /src/core/or/connection_edge.c 4655
problem function-size /src/core/or/connection_edge.c:connection_exit_connect() 130
problem include-count /src/core/or/connection_edge.c 65
problem function-size /src/core/or/connection_edge.c:connection_ap_expire_beginning() 117
problem function-size /src/core/or/connection_edge.c:connection_ap_handshake_rewrite() 193
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