Commit 6c443e98 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🌻
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Tweak the 9969 fix a little

If we have busy nodes and excluded nodes, then don't retry with the
excluded ones enabled.  Instead, wait for the busy ones to be nonbusy.
parent 5d4bb6f6
......@@ -1549,7 +1549,8 @@ router_pick_directory_server_impl(dirinfo_type_t type, int flags,
if (result == NULL && try_excluding && !options->StrictNodes && n_excluded) {
if (result == NULL && try_excluding && !options->StrictNodes && n_excluded
&& !n_busy) {
/* If we got no result, and we are excluding nodes, and StrictNodes is
* not set, try again without excluding nodes. */
try_excluding = 0;
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