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answer getinfo ns/purpose/bridge queries

parent b63a247c
......@@ -379,8 +379,9 @@ $Id$
hex) is <digest>. Only available if we're downloading extra-info
"ns/id/<OR identity>" or "ns/name/<OR nickname>" -- the latest network
status info for a given OR. Network status info is as given in
"ns/id/<OR identity>" or "ns/name/<OR nickname>" -- the latest router
status info (v2 directory style) for a given OR. Router status
info is as given in
dir-spec.txt, and reflects the current beliefs of this Tor about the
router in question. Like directory clients, controllers MUST
tolerate unrecognized flags and lines. The published date and
......@@ -388,10 +389,14 @@ $Id$
not necessarily those for a descriptor that Tor currently has.
[First implemented in]
"ns/all" -- Network status info (v2 directory style) for all ORs we
"ns/all" -- Router status info (v2 directory style) for all ORs we
have an opinion about, joined by newlines. [First implemented
"ns/purpose/<purpose>" -- Router status info (v2 directory style)
for all ORs of this purpose. Mostly designed for /ns/purpose/bridge
queries. [First implemented in]
"desc/all-recent" -- the latest server descriptor for every router that
Tor knows about.
......@@ -401,7 +406,8 @@ $Id$
3 for details. (If VERBOSE_NAMES is enabled, the output will
not conform to dir-spec-v1.txt; instead, the result will be a
space-separated list of LongName, each preceded by a "!" if it is
believed to be not running.)
believed to be not running.) This option is deprecated; use
"ns/all" instead.
......@@ -1453,7 +1453,8 @@ getinfo_helper_dir(control_connection_t *control_conn,
routerlist_t *routerlist = router_get_routerlist();
int verbose = control_conn->use_long_names;
if (!routerlist || !routerlist->routers ||
list_server_status(routerlist->routers, answer, verbose ? 2 : 1) < 0) {
list_server_status_v1(routerlist->routers, answer,
verbose ? 2 : 1) < 0) {
return -1;
} else if (!strcmpstart(question, "extra-info/digest/")) {
......@@ -56,8 +56,6 @@ dirserv_get_status_impl(const char *fp, const char *nickname,
uint32_t addr, uint16_t or_port,
const char *platform, const char *contact,
const char **msg, int should_log);
static void dirserv_set_router_is_running(routerinfo_t *router,
time_t now);
static void clear_cached_dir(cached_dir_t *d);
static int dirserv_add_extrainfo(extrainfo_t *ei, const char **msg);
......@@ -915,7 +913,7 @@ list_single_server_status(routerinfo_t *desc, int is_live)
/** Treat a router as alive if
* - It's me, and I'm not hibernating.
* or - We've found it reachable recently. */
static void
dirserv_set_router_is_running(routerinfo_t *router, time_t now)
int answer;
......@@ -942,8 +940,8 @@ dirserv_set_router_is_running(routerinfo_t *router, time_t now)
* If for_controller is &gt;1, use the verbose nickname format.
list_server_status(smartlist_t *routers, char **router_status_out,
int for_controller)
list_server_status_v1(smartlist_t *routers, char **router_status_out,
int for_controller)
/* List of entries in a router-status style: An optional !, then an optional
* equals-suffixed nickname, then a dollar-prefixed hexdigest. */
......@@ -952,7 +950,8 @@ list_server_status(smartlist_t *routers, char **router_status_out,
time_t cutoff = now - ROUTER_MAX_AGE_TO_PUBLISH;
or_options_t *options = get_options();
/* We include v2 dir auths here too, because they need to answer
* controllers. Eventually we'll deprecate this whole function. */
* controllers. Eventually we'll deprecate this whole function;
* see also networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose(). */
int authdir = authdir_mode_publishes_statuses(options);
......@@ -1996,7 +1995,7 @@ get_possible_sybil_list(const smartlist_t *routers)
* We assume that ri-\>is_running has already been set, e.g. by
* dirserv_set_router_is_running(ri, now);
static void
set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo(routerstatus_t *rs,
routerinfo_t *ri, time_t now,
int naming, int exits_can_be_guards,
......@@ -1677,6 +1677,49 @@ networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single(routerstatus_t *rs)
return tor_strdup(buf);
/** Alloc and return a string describing routerstatuses for the most
* recent info of each router we know about that is of purpose
* <b>purpose_string</b>. Return NULL if unrecognized purpose.
* Right now this function is oriented toward listing bridges (you
* shouldn't use this for general-purpose routers, since those
* should be listed from the consensus, not from the routers list). */
char *
networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose(const char *purpose_string)
time_t now = time(NULL);
time_t cutoff = now - ROUTER_MAX_AGE_TO_PUBLISH;
char *answer;
routerlist_t *rl = router_get_routerlist();
smartlist_t *statuses = smartlist_create();
uint8_t purpose = router_purpose_from_string(purpose_string);
routerstatus_t rs;
int bridge_auth = authdir_mode_bridge(get_options());
if (purpose == ROUTER_PURPOSE_UNKNOWN) {
log_info(LD_DIR, "Unrecognized purpose '%s' when listing router statuses.",
return NULL;
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(rl->routers, routerinfo_t *, ri, {
if (ri->cache_info.published_on < cutoff)
if (ri->purpose != purpose)
if (bridge_auth && ri->purpose == ROUTER_PURPOSE_BRIDGE)
dirserv_set_router_is_running(ri, now);
/* then generate and write out status lines for each of them */
set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo(&rs, ri, now, 0, 0, 0, 0);
smartlist_add(statuses, networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single(&rs));
answer = smartlist_join_strings(statuses, "", 0, NULL);
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(statuses, char *, cp, tor_free(cp));
return answer;
/** If <b>question</b> is a string beginning with "ns/" in a format the
* control interface expects for a GETINFO question, set *<b>answer</b> to a
* newly-allocated string containing networkstatus lines for the appropriate
......@@ -1712,13 +1755,15 @@ getinfo_helper_networkstatus(control_connection_t *conn,
status = router_get_consensus_status_by_id(d);
} else if (!strcmpstart(question, "ns/name/")) {
status = router_get_consensus_status_by_nickname(question+8, 0);
} else if (!strcmpstart(question, "ns/purpose/")) {
*answer = networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose(question+11);
return *answer ? 0 : -1;
} else {
return -1;
if (status) {
if (status)
*answer = networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single(status);
return 0;
......@@ -3051,8 +3051,9 @@ int dirserv_add_descriptor(routerinfo_t *ri, const char **msg);
int getinfo_helper_dirserv_unregistered(control_connection_t *conn,
const char *question, char **answer);
void dirserv_free_descriptors(void);
int list_server_status(smartlist_t *routers, char **router_status_out,
int for_controller);
void dirserv_set_router_is_running(routerinfo_t *router, time_t now);
int list_server_status_v1(smartlist_t *routers, char **router_status_out,
int for_controller);
int dirserv_dump_directory_to_string(char **dir_out,
crypto_pk_env_t *private_key);
......@@ -3158,6 +3159,10 @@ const char *dirvote_get_pending_detached_signatures(void);
const cached_dir_t *dirvote_get_vote(const char *fp, int flags);
void set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo(routerstatus_t *rs,
routerinfo_t *ri, time_t now,
int naming, int exits_can_be_guards,
int listbadexits, int listbaddirs);
void router_clear_status_flags(routerinfo_t *ri);
networkstatus_vote_t *
dirserv_generate_networkstatus_vote_obj(crypto_pk_env_t *private_key,
......@@ -3348,6 +3353,7 @@ void signed_descs_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus(
smartlist_t *descs);
char *networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single(routerstatus_t *rs);
char *networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose(const char *purpose_string);
int getinfo_helper_networkstatus(control_connection_t *conn,
const char *question, char **answer);
void networkstatus_free_all(void);
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