Commit 776c1a5d authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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make ipv6-only config complaint clearer

(a relay operator hit this on #tor-relays and couldn't make sense
of it. i couldn't either until i went to go read the code.)
parent 9f0e8d8c
......@@ -7565,8 +7565,8 @@ check_server_ports(const smartlist_t *ports,
if (n_orport_advertised && !n_orport_advertised_ipv4 &&
!options->BridgeRelay) {
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "Configured non-bridge only to listen on an IPv6 "
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "Configured public relay to listen only on an IPv6 "
"address. Tor needs to listen on an IPv4 address too.");
r = -1;
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