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Remove changes files for entries that have appeared in an 045 changelog.

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o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Fix a compilation warning about unreachable fallthrough annotations
when building with "--enable-all-bugs-are-fatal" on some compilers.
Fixes bug 40241; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Fix another warning about unreachable fallthrough annotations
when building with "--enable-all-bugs-are-fatal" on some compilers.
Fixes bug 40241; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (directory cache, performance, windows):
- Limit the number of items in the consensus diff cache to 64 on Windows.
We hope this will resolve an issue where Windows relay operators reported
Tor using 100% CPU while we investigate better solutions. Fixes bug 24857;
bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (onion services):
- Avoid a non-fatal assertion in certain edge-cases when establishing a
circuit to onion service. Fixes bug 32666; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (SOCKS5):
- Handle partial socks5 messages correctly. Previously, our code would
send an incorrect error message if it got a socks5 request that wasn't
complete. Fixes bug 40190; bugfix on
o Minor features (crypto):
- Fix undefined behavior on our Keccak library. The bug only appears on
platforms with 32-byte CPU cache lines (e.g. armv5tel) and would result
in wrong digests. Fixes bug 40210; bugfix on Thanks to
Bernhard Übelacker, Arnd Bergmann and weasel for diagnosing this.
o Minor bugfixes (logging):
- Reject obsolete router/extrainfo descs earlier and more quietly.
Fixes bug 40238; bugfix on
\ No newline at end of file
o Minor bugfixes (configure, static build):
- Change our search library configure macro linker flag order so it works
for certain compilers that need the right order. Fixes bug 33624; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (config, bridge):
- Don't initiate a connection to a bridge without a corresponding
transport. Fixes bug 40106; bugfix on
- This also reverts an earlier fix we did for this that would validate
configuration to avoid such situation but turns out it wouldn't work for
a DisableNetwork thus the new approach.
o Minor bugfixes (configure, build):
- Fix the --enable-static-tor switch to properly set the -static compile
option onto the tor binary only. Fixes bug 40111; bugfix on
- Path to static libevent has been fixed as well which affects the
--enable-static-libevent to behave correctly now. The .a file is in
.libs/ of libevent repository, not at the root.
o Minor features (documentation):
- Mention the !badexit directive that can appear in an authority's
approved-routers file, and update the description of the !invalid
directive. Closes ticket 40188.
o Minor bugfixes (logging, relay):
- Logs the address discovered by the directory authorities if none were
configured or detected before. Fixes bug 40201; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay, logging, reachability):
- When launching bandwidth testing circuit, don't log notice that we are
doing a reachability test. Furthermore, avoid to trigger a
"CHECKING_REACHABILITY" control event. Fixes bug 40205; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay, statistics):
- The connection statistics were wrongly exported in the extrainfo document
due to a problem in the file loading function which would wrongly truncate
the file reporting the wrong information. It is now fixed. Fixes bug
40226; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay):
- If we were unable to build our descriptor, don't mark that we've
advertised our descriptor. Also remove an harmless BUG(). Fixes bug 40231;
bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (onion service v3):
- Stop requiring a live consensus for v3 clients and services to work. The
use of a reasonably live consensus will allow v3 to work properly in most
cases if the network failed to generate a consensus for more than 2 hours
in a row. Fixes bug 40237; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (authority, IPv6):
- Do not consider multiple relays in the same IPv6 network to be sybils.
Sybils are selected based on the /128 now, not the /64. Fixes bug 40243;
bugfix on
o Minor features (logging):
- Give more visibility to directory authority operators during the
consensus voting process and while processing relay descriptors.
Closes ticket 40245.
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