Commit a3cef41f authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet 🤘
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Merge branch 'ticket40270_035_01' into maint-0.3.5

parents c2cee6c7 59f1a41a
......@@ -4066,7 +4066,7 @@ connection_exit_connect(edge_connection_t *edge_conn)
log_info(LD_EXIT, "%s:%d tried to connect back to a known relay address. "
"Closing.", escaped_safe_str_client(conn->address),
connection_edge_end(edge_conn, END_STREAM_REASON_TORPROTOCOL);
connection_edge_end(edge_conn, END_STREAM_REASON_CONNECTREFUSED);
circuit_detach_stream(circuit_get_by_edge_conn(edge_conn), edge_conn);
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