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Merge remote-tracking branch 'tor-github/pr/1056' into maint-0.3.5

parents 224825e7 5cbd71b9
o Minor bugfixes (configuration, proxies):
- Fix a bug that prevented us from supporting SOCKS5 proxies that want
authentication along with configued (but unused!)
ClientTransportPlugins. Fixes bug 29670; bugfix on
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ static const char *connection_proxy_state_to_string(int state);
static int connection_read_https_proxy_response(connection_t *conn);
static void connection_send_socks5_connect(connection_t *conn);
static const char *proxy_type_to_string(int proxy_type);
static int get_proxy_type(void);
static int conn_get_proxy_type(const connection_t *conn);
const tor_addr_t *conn_get_outbound_address(sa_family_t family,
const or_options_t *options, unsigned int conn_type);
static void reenable_blocked_connection_init(const or_options_t *options);
......@@ -2260,18 +2260,27 @@ connection_proxy_state_to_string(int state)
return states[state];
/** Returns the global proxy type used by tor. Use this function for
* logging or high-level purposes, don't use it to fill the
/** Returns the proxy type used by tor for a single connection, for
* logging or high-level purposes. Don't use it to fill the
* <b>proxy_type</b> field of or_connection_t; use the actual proxy
* protocol instead.*/
static int
conn_get_proxy_type(const connection_t *conn)
const or_options_t *options = get_options();
if (options->ClientTransportPlugin)
else if (options->HTTPSProxy)
if (options->ClientTransportPlugin) {
/* If we have plugins configured *and* this addr/port is a known bridge
* with a transport, then we should be PROXY_PLUGGABLE. */
const transport_t *transport = NULL;
int r;
r = get_transport_by_bridge_addrport(&conn->addr, conn->port, &transport);
if (r == 0 && transport)
/* In all other cases, we're using a global proxy. */
if (options->HTTPSProxy)
else if (options->Socks4Proxy)
return PROXY_SOCKS4;
......@@ -2358,7 +2367,7 @@ connection_proxy_connect(connection_t *conn, int type)
arguments to transmit. If we do, compress all arguments to
a single string in 'socks_args_string': */
if (get_proxy_type() == PROXY_PLUGGABLE) {
if (conn_get_proxy_type(conn) == PROXY_PLUGGABLE) {
socks_args_string =
pt_get_socks_args_for_proxy_addrport(&conn->addr, conn->port);
if (socks_args_string)
......@@ -2418,7 +2427,7 @@ connection_proxy_connect(connection_t *conn, int type)
Socks5ProxyUsername or if we want to pass arguments to our
pluggable transport proxy: */
if ((options->Socks5ProxyUsername) ||
(get_proxy_type() == PROXY_PLUGGABLE &&
(conn_get_proxy_type(conn) == PROXY_PLUGGABLE &&
(get_socks_args_by_bridge_addrport(&conn->addr, conn->port)))) {
/* number of auth methods */
buf[1] = 2;
......@@ -2611,16 +2620,16 @@ connection_read_proxy_handshake(connection_t *conn)
const char *user, *pass;
char *socks_args_string = NULL;
if (get_proxy_type() == PROXY_PLUGGABLE) {
if (conn_get_proxy_type(conn) == PROXY_PLUGGABLE) {
socks_args_string =
pt_get_socks_args_for_proxy_addrport(&conn->addr, conn->port);
if (!socks_args_string) {
log_warn(LD_NET, "Could not create SOCKS args string.");
log_warn(LD_NET, "Could not create SOCKS args string for PT.");
ret = -1;
log_debug(LD_NET, "SOCKS5 arguments: %s", socks_args_string);
log_debug(LD_NET, "PT SOCKS5 arguments: %s", socks_args_string);
tor_assert(strlen(socks_args_string) > 0);
tor_assert(strlen(socks_args_string) <= MAX_SOCKS5_AUTH_SIZE_TOTAL);
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