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changelog and spec changes for the .exit fix

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Changes in version - 2009-08-26
o Security fixes:
- Start the process of disabling ".exit" address notation, since it
can be used for a variety of esoteric application-level attacks
on users. To reenable it, set "AllowDotExit 1" in your torrc. Fix
on 0.0.9rc5.
o New directory authorities:
- Set up urras (run by Jacob Appelbaum) as the seventh v3 directory
......@@ -33,10 +33,13 @@
"" to speed subsequent
The .exit notation is disabled by default as of Tor, due
to potential application-level attacks.
Connect to from the node called "exampletornode."
Connect to from the node called "exampletornode".
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