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Changes in version - 2018-05-22
Tor is the first stable release in the 0.3.3 series. It
backports several important fixes from the
The Tor 0.3.3 series includes controller support and other
improvements for v3 onion services, official support for embedding Tor
within other applications, and our first non-trivial module written in
the Rust programming language. (Rust is still not enabled by default
when building Tor.) And as usual, there are numerous other smaller
bugfixes, features, and improvements.
Below are the changes since For a list of all changes
since, see the ReleaseNotes file.
o Major bugfixes (directory authorities, security, backport from
- When directory authorities read a zero-byte bandwidth file, they
would previously log a warning with the contents of an
uninitialised buffer. They now log a warning about the empty file
instead. Fixes bug 26007; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (security, directory authority, denial-of-service):
- Fix a bug that could have allowed an attacker to force a directory
authority to use up all its RAM by passing it a maliciously
crafted protocol versions string. Fixes bug 25517; bugfix on This issue is also tracked as TROVE-2018-005.
o Major bugfixes (crash, backport from
- Avoid a rare assertion failure in the circuit build timeout code
if we fail to allow any circuits to actually complete. Fixes bug
25733; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (directory authorities, backport from
- Avoid a crash when testing router reachability on a router that
could have an ed25519 ID, but which does not. Fixes bug 25415;
bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (onion service, backport from
- Correctly detect when onion services get disabled after HUP. Fixes
bug 25761; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (relay, denial of service, backport from
- Impose a limit on circuit cell queue size. The limit can be
controlled by a consensus parameter. Fixes bug 25226; bugfix
o Minor features (compatibility, backport from
- Avoid some compilation warnings with recent versions of LibreSSL.
Closes ticket 26006.
o Minor features (continuous integration, backport from
- Our .travis.yml configuration now includes support for testing the
results of "make distcheck". (It's not uncommon for "make check"
to pass but "make distcheck" to fail.) Closes ticket 25814.
- Our Travis CI configuration now integrates with the Coveralls
coverage analysis tool. Closes ticket 25818.
o Minor features (geoip):
- Update geoip and geoip6 to the May 1 2018 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country
database. Closes ticket 26104.
o Minor bugfixes (client, backport from
- Don't consider Tor running as a client if the ControlPort is open,
but no actual client ports are open. Fixes bug 26062; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (correctness, client, backport from
- Upon receiving a malformed connected cell, stop processing the
cell immediately. Previously we would mark the connection for
close, but continue processing the cell as if the connection were
open. Fixes bug 26072; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (documentation, backport from
- Stop saying in the manual that clients cache ipv4 dns answers from
exit relays. We haven't used them since, and in
ticket 24050 we stopped even caching them as of, but
we forgot to say so in the man page. Fixes bug 26052; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox, backport from
- Allow the nanosleep() system call, which glibc uses to implement
sleep() and usleep(). Fixes bug 24969; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (onion service, backport from
- Fix a memory leak when a v3 onion service is configured and gets a
SIGHUP signal. Fixes bug 25901; bugfix on
- When parsing the descriptor signature, look for the token plus an
extra white-space at the end. This is more correct but also will
allow us to support new fields that might start with "signature".
Fixes bug 26069; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay, crash, backport from
- Avoid a crash when running with DirPort set but ORPort tuned off.
Fixes a case of bug 23693; bugfix on
o Documentation (backport from
- Correct an IPv6 error in the documentation for ExitPolicy. Closes
ticket 25857. Patch from "CTassisF".
Changes in version - 2018-05-17
Tor is the first release in the 0.3.4.x series. It
includes refactoring to begin reducing Tor's binary size and idle CPU
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