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+ [Troubleshooting](#troubleshooting)
* [Analysis](#analysis)
+ [Analyzing measurement results](#analyzing-measurement-results)
+ [Filtering measurement results](#filtering-measurement-results)
+ [Visualizing measurement results](#visualizing-measurement-results)
+ [Interpreting the PDF output format](#interpreting-the-pdf-output-format)
+ [Interpreting the CSV output format](#interpreting-the-csv-output-format)
......@@ -251,6 +252,28 @@ OnionPerf's `analyze` mode has several command-line parameters for customizing t
onionperf analyze --help
### Filtering measurement results
OnionPerf measurement results can be filtered based on Tor relay fingerprints.
The `filter` mode takes a list of fingerprints and one or more existing analysis files as inputs, and outputs new analysis files containing only the `tgen` results obtained over a Tor circuit path which includes or excludes fingerprints in the input list.
Where excluding fingerprints, if ANY relay fingerprint is matched, the measurement is discarded. Where including fingerprints, ALL relay fingerprints in a path must match for the measurement to be retained.
For example, the analysis file produced above can be filtered with the following command, which retains measurements based on fingerprints contained in the file 'fingerprints.txt':
onionperf filter -i onionperf.analysis.json.xz -o filtered.onionperf.analysis.json.xz --include-fingerprints fingerprints.txt
The output analysis file is written to the path specified with `-o`. If processing a directory of analysis files, its structure and filenames are preserved under the path specified with '-o'.
Note that while the subcommand filters `tgen` measurements, it leaves `tgen` and `tor` summaries in the original analysis file unchanged.
OnionPerf's `filter` command usage can be inspected with:
onionperf filter --help
### Visualizing measurement results
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