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# Changes in version 0.6 - 2020-??-??
- Update to TGen 1.0.0, use TGenTools for parsing TGen log files, and
update analysis results file version to 3.0. Implements #33974.
- Remove summaries from analysis results files, and remove the
`onionperf analyze -s/--do-simple-parse` switch. Implements #40005.
- Add JSON schema for analysis results file format 3.0. Implements
# Changes in version 0.5 - 2020-07-02
- Add new graph showing the cumulative distribution function of
throughput in Mbps. Implements #33257.
- Improve `` to make it more useful to developers and
researchers. Implements #40001.
- Always include the `error_code` column in visualization CSV output,
regardless of whether data contains measurements with an error code
or not. Fixes #40004.
- Write generated torrc files to disk for debugging purposes.
Implements #40002.
# Changes in version 0.4 - 2020-06-16
- Include all measurements when analyzing log files at midnight as
part of `onionperf measure`, not just the ones from the day before.
Also add `onionperf analyze -x/--date-prefix` switch to prepend a
given date string to an analysis results file. Fixes #29369.
- Add `size`, `last_modified`, and `sha256` fields to index.xml.
Implements #29365.
- Add support for single onion services using the switch `onionperf
measure -s/--single-onion`. Implements #29368.
- Remove unused `onionperf measure --traffic-model` switch.
Implements #29370.
- Make `onionperf measure -o/--onion-only` and `onionperf measure
-i/--inet-only` switches mutually exclusive. Fixes #34316.
- Accept one or more paths to analysis results files or directories
of such files per dataset in `onionperf visualize -d/--data` to
include all contained measurements in a dataset. Implements #34191.
# Changes in version 0.3 - 2020-05-30
- Automatically compress logs when rotating them. Fixes #33396.
- Update to Python 3. Implements #29367.
- Integrate reprocessing mode into analysis mode. Implements #34142.
- Record download times of smaller file sizes from partial completion
times. Implements #26673.
- Stop generating .tpf files. Implements #34141.
- Update analysis results file version to 2.0. Implements #34224.
- Export visualized data to a CSV file. Implements #33258.
- Remove version 2 onion service support. Implements #33434.
- Reduce timeout and stallout values. Implements #34024.
- Remove 50 KiB and 1 MiB downloads. Implements #34023.
- Remove existing Tor control log visualizations. Implements #34214.
- Update to Networkx version 2.4. Fixes #34298.
- Update time to first/last byte definitions to include the time
between starting a measurement and receiving the first/last byte.
Implements #34215.
- Update `requirements.txt` to actual requirements, and switch from
distutils to setuptools. Fixes #30586.
- Split visualizations into public and onion service measurements.
Fixes #34216.
# Changes from before 2020-04
- Changes made before 2020-04 are not listed here. See `git log` for
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