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All metrics issues that are not specific to a metric's project. This space also has info on meetings and metrics infrastructure at Tor.

title: Tor Project's Metrics Team

Tor Project's Metrics Team

The Metrics Team is a group of Tor people who care about measuring and analyzing things in the public Tor network. If you're interested in measurements and analyses, the Metrics Team is what you're looking for. Welcome!


Weekly Meetings

Our synchronous medium of communication is IRC meetings that happen every Thursday at 1500 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC (channel is logged while meetings are in progress). For 2020 our public meeting pad is here.

If you want to reach someone from the team between these meetings to ask a development-related question, just go to #tor-dev and mention the magic word "metrics", and somebody from the team might either be around or appear later and get back to you.

Mailing Lists

Our asynchronous medium of communication is the ​metrics-team@ mailing list. This list is public in the sense that anyone can subscribe and read archives. But it's moderated on first post, meaning that your first post will be reviewed to make sure it's not spam and on topic and all further posts will go directly to the list. Feel free to subscribe and just listen if you want, and feel free to post if you have a question that you think is on topic.


Product is a codebase of software maintained by the Team. Not all products of the Metrics Team are mentioned in this section (for a more complete list see ​roadmap draft). Instead, we list some long-term products here that are or will be released in way that a third party can decide to run a mirror of this type of service.

  • ​CollecTor is the friendly data collecting service.
  • ExoneraTor helps to find out whether that address was used as a Tor relay.
  • Metrics Website is the primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network.
  • metrics-lib a Java library that fetches and parses Tor descriptors.
  • ​Onionoo is a web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges.


Priorities for 2020

  1. Improve OnionPerf
  2. Collect IPv6 relays data
  3. Bypass Censorship


Censorship Watch

The metrics timeline.