Commit c3bcf445 authored by Damian Johnson's avatar Damian Johnson
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Replace package wiki index table

Our PACKAGES constant match our wiki's layout so there's no need to have a
separate dictionary with static indices. In the process also learned that we
weren't tracking Nyx's Fedora package.
parent e3609021
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ PACKAGES = [
('nyx', [
Package('mac', '', 'nyx-([0-9\.]+).tar.gz'),
Package('debian', '', DEBIAN_VERSION),
Package('fedora', '', FEDORA_VERSION),
Package('gentoo', '', None),
Package('archlinux', '', AUR_VERSION),
Package('slackware', '', 'nyx-([0-9\.]+).tar.gz'),
......@@ -111,6 +112,7 @@ def wiki_package_versions():
request = fetch_url(TRAC_URL)
version_entries = []
expected_count = sum([len(packages) for project, packages in PACKAGES])
for line in request.splitlines():
m ='<b>Version:</b> <a href=".*">(.*)</a>', line)
......@@ -118,60 +120,17 @@ def wiki_package_versions():
if m:
if len(version_entries) != 42:
if len(version_entries) != expected_count:
raise IOError('Table on %s no longer matches what this daemon expects (had %i entries)' % (TRAC_URL, len(version_entries)))
return {
'tor': {
'mac': version_entries[0],
'debian': version_entries[1],
'fedora': version_entries[2],
'gentoo': version_entries[3],
'archlinux': version_entries[4],
'slackware': version_entries[5],
'freebsd': version_entries[6],
'openbsd': version_entries[7],
'netbsd': version_entries[8],
}, 'nyx': {
'mac': version_entries[9],
'debian': version_entries[10],
'fedora': version_entries[11],
'gentoo': version_entries[12],
'archlinux': version_entries[13],
'slackware': version_entries[14],
'freebsd': version_entries[15],
'openbsd': version_entries[16],
'netbsd': version_entries[17],
}, 'stem': {
'debian': version_entries[18],
'fedora': version_entries[19],
'gentoo': version_entries[20],
'archlinux': version_entries[21],
'slackware': version_entries[22],
'freebsd': version_entries[23],
'openbsd': version_entries[24],
'netbsd': version_entries[25],
}, 'txtorcon': {
'debian': version_entries[26],
'gentoo': version_entries[27],
'archlinux': version_entries[28],
'slackware': version_entries[29],
'freebsd': version_entries[30],
'netbsd': version_entries[31],
}, 'torsocks': {
'mac': version_entries[32],
'debian': version_entries[33],
'fedora': version_entries[34],
'gentoo': version_entries[35],
'archlinux': version_entries[36],
'slackware': version_entries[37],
'freebsd': version_entries[38],
'openbsd': version_entries[39],
}, 'ooni probe': {
'mac': version_entries[40],
'archlinux': version_entries[41],
result, index = {}, 0
for project, packages in PACKAGES:
for pkg in packages:
result.setdefault(project, {})[pkg.platform] = version_entries[index]
index += 1
return result
def gentoo_version(request):
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