Unverified Commit 754b8776 authored by Philipp Winter's avatar Philipp Winter
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Release version v2019.05.30.

parent 98c40891
2019-05-30: Changes in version 2019-05-30:
- Resemble HTTP headers of latest Tor Browser.
- Code maintenance.
- Update documentation.
2016-04-21: Changes in version 2016.04.21:
- Add command line option '-E' for file containing exit fingerprints.
- Add command line option '-n' for random delays between circuit creations.
......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ def parse_cmd_args():
parser.add_argument("-V", "--version", action="version",
version="%(prog)s 2016.04.21")
version="%(prog)s 2019.05.30")
parser.add_argument("module", nargs='+',
help="Run the given module (available: %s)." %
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