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      Bump version to 1.14.0-dev. · c75f0c78
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      Prepare for 1.14.0 release. · 3a9f05e0
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      Update to metrics-lib 2.10.0. · 27e41ea7
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      Remember processed files between module runs. · 741401a0
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      The three recently added modules to archive Snowflake statistics,
      bridge pool assignments, and BridgeDB metrics have in common that they
      process any input files regardless of whether they already processed
      them before.
      The problem is that the input files processed by these modules are
      either never removed (Snowflake statistics) or only removed manually
      by the operator (bridge pool assignments and BridgeDB statistics).
      The effect is that non-recent BridgeDB metrics and bridge pool
      assignments are being placed in the indexed/recent/ directory in the
      next execution after they are deleted for being older than 72 hours.
      The same would happen with Snowflake statistics after the operator
      removes them from the out/ directory.
      The fix is to use a state file containing file names of previously
      processed files and only process a file not found in there. This is
      the same approach as taken for bridge descriptor tarballs.
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      Update copyright to 2020. · d2a74b67
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  8. 14 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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      Avoid reprocessing webstats files. · d4816337
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      Web servers typically provide us with the last 14 days of request
      logs. We shouldn't process the whole 14 days over and over. Instead we
      should only process new logs files and any other log files containing
      log lines from newly written dates.
      In some cases web servers stop serving a given virtual host or stop
      acting as web server at all. However, in these cases we're left with
      14 days of logs per virtual host. Ideally, these logs would get
      cleaned up, but until that's the case, we should at least not
      reprocess these files over and over.
      In order to avoid reprocessing webstats files, we need a new state
      file with log dates contained in given input files. We use that state
      file to determine which of the previously processed webstats files to
      re-process, so that we can write complete daily logs.
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