Commit eaed73e0 authored by iwakeh's avatar iwakeh Committed by Karsten Loesing
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Trying to tweak error message a little.

parent b040d1a2
......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ public class ExoneraTorServlet extends HttpServlet {
/* If the timestamp is too recent, print summary with error message and
* exit. */
} else if (requestedDate.tooRecent) {
this.writeSummaryTimestampTooRecent(out, rb, requestedDate.asString);
this.writeSummaryTimestampTooRecent(out, rb);
this.writeFooter(out, rb, null, null);
/* If we were unable to connect to the database,
......@@ -442,11 +442,10 @@ public class ExoneraTorServlet extends HttpServlet {
private void writeSummaryTimestampTooRecent(PrintWriter out,
ResourceBundle rb, String timestampStr) throws IOException {
ResourceBundle rb) throws IOException {
this.writeSummary(out, rb.getString("summary.heading"), "panel-danger",
null, rb.getString("summary.invalidparams.timestamptoorecent.body"),
null, rb.getString("summary.invalidparams.timestamptoorecent.body"));
private void writeSummaryNoDataForThisInterval(PrintWriter out,
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ summary.invalidparams.invalidip.body=Sorry, %s is not a valid IP address. The ex
summary.invalidparams.invalidtimestamp.title=Invalid date parameter
summary.invalidparams.invalidtimestamp.body=Sorry, %s is not a valid date. The expected date format is %s.
summary.invalidparams.timestamptoorecent.title=Date parameter too recent
summary.invalidparams.timestamptoorecent.body=Sorry, %s is too recent. The database may not yet contain enough data to correctly answer this request.
summary.invalidparams.timestamptoorecent.body=The database may not yet contain enough data to correctly answer this request. The latest accepted data is the day before yesterday. Please repeat your search on another day.
summary.serverproblem.nodata.title=Server problem
summary.serverproblem.nodata.body.text=The database does not contain any data for the requested date. Please try again later. If this problem persists, please %s! us know
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