Commit b3d4ff17 authored by iwakeh's avatar iwakeh Committed by Karsten Loesing
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Only create javadoc for api, implements part of task-21469.

parent 110cb012
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
<property name="release.version" value="1.5.0-dev" />
<property name="javadoc-title" value="DescripTor API Documentation"/>
<property name="javadoc-excludes" value="**/impl/**" />
<property name="javadoc-excludes" value="**/impl/** **/index/**" />
<property name="implementation-title" value="DescripTor" />
<property name="name" value="descriptor" />
<property name="jarpatternprop" value="empty" />
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Subproject commit bb0e1e50ba75dfa15add334706d8ce288fbf2b0b
Subproject commit 6940759436bbd3bdb117572886f6104f78c3b469
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